Good Bye Burnsie!

Today I said good bye to my lovely Honda Shadow 600, one of the all time best bikes in my opinion for short girls to ride.

I didn’t get to play on Burnsie much in the later months due to always carting around passengers, but when I was able to ride all the time he never failed to cheer me up.

My favorite memory was riding over a bridge on a misty morning when a pelican flew up alongside me.  Halfway across the bridge we raced together and then he veered up and over the water.  The whole incident was like spiritual adrenaline and I was charged up for the rest of the week at least.

What an awesome memory that was; face tingling from the mist and rain and racing a pelican over the bay.  I hope Burnsie goes on to be appreciated and loved.

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Angela Yuriko Smith's work has been published in several print and online publications, including the “Horror Writers Association's Poetry Showcase” vols. 2-4, “Christmas Lites” vols. 1-6 and the “Where the Stars Rise: Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy” anthology. She has nearly 20 books of speculative fiction and poetry for adults, YAs and children. Her first collection of poetry, “In Favor of Pain,” was nominated for an 2017 Elgin Award.
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