Just a Few Kangaroo Theories

Just a few more days and I will be off to the Adelaide Zoo to see all the animals, and most importantly, try to find out what a kangaroo’s pouch feels like. 

My husband, born and raised Aussi, says his theory is that the kangaroo will take my advances as offensive and deliver me a kick.  After considering that possibility (as a native I’m thinking he knows better then I), I amended my earlier plan to put my hand in a ‘roo pouch no matter what. 

My new plan is to only put my hand in if the kangaroo looks like it wants me to reach in it’s pouch… I might have to buy it a drink first but I think we can work it out.

Here’s a few theories & comments sent to me in the past few days I thought I’d share~

“I think inside there must be sweaty and smelly like the inside of your bellybutton.” 
~ Vicki

“Like a purse you can never lose.  I wonder if they keep anything besides babies in there.  I’d keep my keys.  I think it’s furry.”
~ Becca

“Tonight my collie came up to me and his ear flipped up and I saw the pink underside. I rubbed it and found it to be kind of waxy smooth. I said, I bet that is what it feels like inside the pouch of a kangaroo!”
~Thx Stef! ^.^

And according to Yahoo Answers: “Inside a kangaroo’s pouch, it is just pink skin, and feels a bit greasy, but not in a damp way. It’s hard to describe, but it feels greasy in a sort of dry way.”

Thanks for all the comments guys…we shall soon see!

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