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A Note For My Best Friend: Please Read

To My Best Friend in All the World: You say that you are down, and that the world has become a dark and hopeless place for you.  I’m standing outside the shadows looking in at you, worried, offering my hand, … Continue reading

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Our First Clothes Review… And A Second Life Overview

Yesterday we got our first ever review on our virtual clothes, and I couldn’t have been more excited if I’d gotten a book review or an Oscar. I know a lot of you from this blog haven’t tried Second Life, … Continue reading

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Dandilyon Fluff… Now A .com

So much has been happening lately that I’ll try to cover over the next week.  The important thing I wanted to let you know today is that Dandilyon Fluff has hit puberty and has grown into a .com web address. … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Jewelry of Beth Cyr

Last November I received a beautiful gift, a hand crafted necklace created by artist Beth Cyr.  Made with tiny dandelion fluff seeds encased in sterling silver, the necklace reminds me of lazy summer days, wandering aimlessly and making wishes. I like … Continue reading

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Now Officially ‘Fluffing’ in Ten Countries

Looking over the blog stats today I was thrilled to find out that this blog has now been read in 10 different countries.  I was pretty stoked to be read in just two countries, so finding out that I’ve ‘Fluffed’ … Continue reading

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Save the Planet ~ Live Virtually

Wow, February already? Somehow the days since Christmas have slid by through January in a flurry of activity. Contrary to being bored while I wait for my visa, I have found the days too short, too many things on my … Continue reading

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