Hitting the Big Time: An Interview with SL Enquirer

Since End of Mae was released it seems like it’s been non stop crazy fun.  Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the SL Enquirer.  What a thrill that turned out to be!

The best part was chatting with Lanai Jarrico about the book and showing off the virtual ‘Heylel’s house’ that I built so that readers can take experiencing a story to a whole new level.

Lanai gave me a great idea for the next part of the story, and it involves one of the crystal skulls loose in the world.  I’m so excited to get back to Heylel and Mae and continue the adventure. 

On a final note, it’s my pleasure to be invited as a regular contributor to the SL Enquirer.  What a productive and exciting morning it was… I literally had goosebumps after my chat with Lanai.  New ideas and new opportunities… I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Update: Wow!  The interview has already posted (& it’s awesome ;p)!  You can also check out the SL Enquirer thru the button on the right.

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Angela Yuriko Smith publishes fiction and nonfiction books across multiple genres and she has been included in various anthologies, newspapers and online publications. In the past she has served as a host for JournalJabber online radio talk show and has been interviewed on National Public Radio for her nonfiction work.
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