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Fiber One Cereal

© Photo by Lori Alcorn

The MyBlogSpark girls are at it again, this time sharing their opinions of Fiber One Cereal.  Lori has done up a very detailed post chock full of info-y goodness. 

There were a lot of facts I didn’t know, but mostly I was struck with how much fiber is ideal consumption – almost 40 grams!  The average person only takes in around 15.  Eeeeeeep!

In answer to this desperate call for fiber, Lori is giving away a prize pack of Fiber One cereals on her blog.  Details are at the link above, definitely check it out – she’s giving away 5 full size boxes in a variety pack.  That’s a weeks worth of groceries in the Smith house.

After you go to sign up for Lori’s contest, get a good laugh from this hilarious video review made by Kira S., the other MyBlogSparker here where she enlists the help of some taste testers.  I laughed until I had tears coming from my eyes.  All I can say is five stars for this review… Nom Nom Nom… ;p

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