The World Is As Strong As Its Parts

England is burning, global financial markets plunge daily and extreme natural disasters seem to be the rule rather than the exception lately.  Things seem bleak to many, and the more we see the media sensationalize disaster, the more things spiral out of control.

The other day I was attending a discussion on world peace with about 15 other people, and I noticed that we like to shout slogans and react in verbal outrage to certain hot topic phrases like “greed”.  We love to point our eyes outward and shout about all the atrocities while we ignore the part we play.  I say “we” because I do it too.

Today, I want to look at my own life.  If global debt is spiraling out of control, let me look at my own.  If I am outraged by corporate greed, how am I contributing with my own actions.  The global economy is made of many small parts and our governments can only be as healthy as we are.  Today I am looking at myself, and how I can fix my world instead of shouting about everyone elses.

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts

and in the soul of its people.”

~Mohandas Gandhi

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4 Responses to The World Is As Strong As Its Parts

  1. Pavilion Ze2000 says:

    Is Japan the most civilized country? Remember nobody stole while the country was in disaster. London, riot and everyone is stealing.

  2. It is scary times, and I really liked your approach… something we should all be doing.

  3. Great review! You actually covered some valuable news in your post. I came across it by using Bing and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the RSS feed, will be following you on my iphone :)

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