Our Vintage Airstream

Many people have asked where we’re going to live in the US, so I thought I’d show off our American home. 

It’s small, but for just the two of us it’s perfect.  There’s plenty of room for two computers with space to lounge and watch tv.  It’s exactly what we need and not a stitch more.

The best part of living the simple life is that our maintenance and monthly costs are also small.  We don’t want to spend the majority of our time working to pay for closets and extra rooms.  We can choose to work part-time and pursue our other interests.  We can support ourselves off of crazy things, like writing.

Another benefit is the lack of house chores.  I can spring clean the entire thing in about two hours, including taking down and washing curtains.  Obviously we don’t own a lot of stuff, but we do own just what we want.  If we ever want to have a big party, that’s what restaurants and halls are for.  Big yard?  That’s why we pay taxes; for parks. 

Imagine a life of relaxing and really savoring things.  No yard work unless you create it.  No long days at work and over the top mortgages.  If you want to move, you unplug your house and roll to a new town.  Hurricane coming?  Don’t board up and worry… just take a vacation.

We are hooked on voluntary simplicity.  It’s not the right choice for everyone, but for us it’s the only choice.  Easy on the environment and it allows us to save money while still enjoying the benefits of home ownership.  We trade a big house for a big life. 

It works for us.

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9 thoughts on “Our Vintage Airstream

  1. Amy Eye

    I think it looks and sounds marvelous! You guys really know what it is you want out of life. Many people go their entire lives trying to figure that out. Major props to the both of you! 🙂

    1. Angela Yuriko Smith Post author

      Thanks Amy… I was forced to choose camper life originally after a divorce and it was the only way I could find to be independent at the time. I figured I’d do it for awhile, but then I fell in love with the ease. I’m lucky Mr. Smith feels the same way. The two of us lived in it quite comfortably.

  2. Sarah Pearson

    I’m with Amy. It’s great that you’ve worked out what it is that will make you happy, and you’ve acted on it. Many of us do the first, less of us do the second.

    1. Angela Yuriko Smith Post author

      I know when I first chose to do that a lot of people thought I’d gone a bit nutty. We love it tho! Like I said, it’s not right for everyone, but for us it works a charm. If I ever get reincarnated bring me back as a turtle so I can take my house on my back and be mobile ;p

  3. Stephany Simmons

    Love your Airstream! I fantasize about getting rid of my clutter and living more efficiently so often. With an e-reader the book issue can be easily solved, which has always been my biggest barrier. Maybe I’m closer than I think. 🙂

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