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One of the best things about all the new publishing options is the ability for writers to connect with their readers.

Just about every author now has a blog, and they welcome readers comments.  We are usually as close as your Facebook.

The interactive element is electric, and talking with readers and hearing their opinions influences what I am creating now.

A good example of this could be a simple conversation I had the other day with Amy Eye, an editor friend of mine.  We were talking about how to set up a Facebook fan page when suddenly I realized I hadn’t even covered that in All You Need Is Like.  I had delved into how to build your friends list, and what to share there among other things but had neglected an entire important area.  Interaction paid off.

When I built the virtual version of my book’s house in Second Life, I didn’t realize what a thrill it would be to read passages in the recreated scene.  I had to focus on reading because a few times I glanced up and got goosebumps as my eyes witnessed what my words had just described.  There are definitely some exciting future plans in that area.

My favorite way to interact with readers though has to be what I have dubbed The Ghost Story Game.  This is a version of a game I used to play at sleepovers growing up.  Someone would give me any topic and I would use it in a ghost story.  Now I know those are called prompts, but then it was just fun.

I recently just tried that out on Gather.  I said I would write a ghost story based on the first five prompts.  The interactive element was amazing.  The first prompt, “photograph of a dog” turned into the beginning of a chain of interlinked stories that will be titled Karmic Circle.  I still have to finish three more stories on Gather for that and then I’ll be ready to put the game into practice here.

I love how things are going, the distance between writer and reader is closing and they are becoming one unit.  Authors are becoming performers and personalities instead of names on a page.  I personally like that and suggest we be best friends.  After all, if you like my books we already have so much in common ;p

Here’s some other interesting ways writers interact with readers;

Win a guest appearance in Splitter’s next book.

Alexander M Zoltai challenges readers to collaborate with 1200 of the most common words.

Timeless, an Open Source Novel

Huck asks readers to De-Lurk and Participate

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5 Responses to Playing With Readers

  1. Amy Eye says:

    You have been such a great source of knowledge for me!! Thank you for being soooo awesome!!

  2. Hey, thanks for the mention on your blog! I am always trying to figure out ways to do things just a little differently and including a reader in my next book seemed like something fun. I love interacting with readers.


    • :Dandi says:

      My pleasure Splitter! It’s a great idea and I’m interested to see how that turns out. There are so many new ways to interact with readers now, I’m loving seeing how that is being accomplished ;D

  3. I couldnt have said it any better to be honest! keep up the awesome work. You are very talented & I only wish I could write as good as you do :) …
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