The My Fair iLady Experiment: Now Open

Two faces of one woman...

The next stage in the My Fair iLady Experiment is underway;  introducing the business end of Second Life.  Dranea, our brave virtual pioneer hopped in today, secured a shop space and started setting up.  She got a beautiful space with a grassy courtyard view just around the corner from my place.

Up went her signs and links.  Dranea got a crash course in building 101 and took to it like a natural.  Slinging chairs, rugs and wooden boxes around like a pro she even had time to stop and have a chat with some of her new neighbors.  I’m happy to announce her shop, The Eyes for Editing, is now open for business on Book Island.

Now that she has her Second Life business presence set up we can start fine tuning her experience and learning to use her new pixel storefront to enhance her real business.  There are so many aspects of free and nearly free promotion available now, and this is just one of them.  One of the keys to marketing though is having a multi faceted presence, and now The Eyes for Editing has that much more.

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