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People spend so much time staring at their computer screens these days and the reality is that most of that time is spent working – researching, emailing and writing. But who says we have to take your day so seriously? Why not spend just a few minutes of your day smiling? Bring a little laughter to your workday (or any day for that matter) by taking a casual browse at any of the following websites. Not only are they hilarious but they’re sure to make you forget about that looming 3 p.m. meeting with your CEO – well, at least for a few minutes.

  • eBaum’s World – eBaum’s World is a website that helps you sift through the millions of viral videos that are out on the Internet. Run by Eric Bauman and his staff, eBaum’s World was born while Eric was in college and he started collecting and posting comedic videos. Today, the site is a simply designed, one-stop shop to laughter. Granted, the comedy is not just funny (it’s also a little gross, weird and sometimes offensive), but it definitely gets the job done. Plus, you know the team at eBaum’s World has already watched these videos and deemed them worthy of reposting, so it definitely saves you time.
  • – The English language it a tricky one. It also happens to make for some fine comedic material. Not just for English and journalism majors, is universally funny as it dedicates itself to collecting all of the wonderful misprints that happen around the world. A hat that proudly states “TRUCK” in all caps with a photo of a motorcycle? Yes, it’s on there. A dog leash that’s packaging states it as a “Pet Thing” –that’s on there, too. Another plus: This site is constantly updated and categorized to keep the funny organized and fresh.
  • Funny or Die – Funny or Die takes a democratic approach to viral videos allowing its users to vote on which clips are funny and which deserve to die. Luckily for anyone who visits this means you are getting the very funniest content out there – and you didn’t have to look very far. Funny or Die also has some original content that’s submitted by promising comedians new to the stage, so you get to see items you probably wouldn’t come across elsewhere. Another tally on the side of funny is the fact that the site was created by big names such as Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy, among others.
  • FAIL Blog – The beauty of the FAIL Blog is you never know where you are going to come across one. During your computer class? In the parking lot after work? Yes and yes. Consistently a top-rated site for visitors who want nothing but funny, the FAIL Blog proudly collects notes, texts, photos, and videos of things that just doesn’t work. One example: An SUV that seemingly ran into an oven, both of which are being towed. This blog also offers links to other sites in its network like I Can Has Cheezburger?, which collects photos and videos of animals with hilarious captions, and The Daily What, that promises to be your “daily dose of Internets.”




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