How To Be A Swaggernaut Advanced

Yesterday I talked about some basic Swagging techniques.  If you didn’t read it then, Swagbucks is a site that pays you in “Swagbucks” for simple activities like using their searchbar instead of Google. You redeem your Bucks for prizes and cash.

When I say “advanced” I am in no way implying that I am all that advanced as a Swaggernaut myself.  These are just some ways that I have found to really get the points up.  There are many ways I haven’t had time to delve into and many more ‘swaggernauts’ that put me to shame.  I don’t play around on Swagbucks to pay my rent – I play around with it because it’s fun and I like shopping for free.

Speaking of shopping, one of the things I love Swagbucks for is the great coupons I can print right from their site.  You can find the link again in the left hand column on the Swagbucks homepage.  (see picture).  I am a picky coupon user but I often find quite a few I can use there – especially the $1 off any block cheese that is often available.  You pick your coupons, hit print and then redeem them like normal.  Here’s the bonus: for every coupon you redeem you get 10 Swagbucks.  You can really ramp this up by printing coupons for your friends… you get to be generous and get more Bucks ;p

I’ve loaded up the most Bucks, however, from trying special deals.  I tried Netflix for a week for 1,000 Swagbucks.  I tried a free credit report company and even a credit card to rack them up fast.  I suggest being very careful with this.  I was honestly interested in Netflix but wasn’t crazy about the online selection.  I needed the credit report and the credit card I will never use.  It will probably be canceled in a month or so or just used for gas purchases if they have a good points or cash back program.  The trick with this is to be organized.  I write the ‘cancel by’ date on my calendar when I sign up for a deal.  If I am not thrilled with it then I am ruthless with my cancelations.

Another way that gets me my points easily is Swagbucks TV.  That link is also in the left hand column.  I have a breakfast counter in the new house, so I often keep my laptop there and plugged in.  As I’m cooking dinner or cleaning up I play the Swagbucks TV videos.  They are usually interesting to listen to while I work and I get paid in points for the entertainment.  I love the cooking and gardening channels, but every now and again I find myself on the celebrity bit listening about Justin Beiber’s new hairdo.  It makes me laugh ^.^

These are three more ways I rack up the Swagbucks.  As I said earlier, I am far from a super acheiver in this area.  I just have fun with it – and the best fun is spending all my points on goodies.  Like I said before: I like shopping for free!  What are your favorite Swag-grabbin’ tips?

Thanks to all of you who have signed up to Swagbucks thru my referral links… and if you you haven’t joined us yet you can get in on the fun (and goodies) thru my referral link here (enter the code BIRTHDAYBASH12 during the sign up process from now until February 27th for 140 Swagbucks instead of the usual sign up 30)

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