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When the Earth Goes Dark

Most of us have missed the point with going green.  We think that we need to save paper and turn off lights to save the environment.  What 99% of us don’t realize is it’s not the environment that’s in trouble … Continue reading

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Shout Out for Christine’s Photo

Tonight I’m passing over my post to benefit a friend of mine.  I’ve known Christine online for maybe a year now and she is one of those talented and pleasant people who everyone loves.  Her husband is trying to win … Continue reading

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When I Expire

Expiration dates are inspirational. They motivate us to use things up rather than let them waste away.  Without an expiration date your milk would sit stinking in your fridge and you’d have coupons piling up and forgotten.  People tend towards procrastination.  … Continue reading

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Looking Forward To My First Bad Day

Tomorrow I’ll be up at the Bad Girl’s Gallery & Garden from 10 am to 2pm.  Anyone in the area is invited to stop by, see the gallery and visit with me.  Bad Girl’s Gallery & Garden is located at … Continue reading

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Homeschooling? Not As Bad As I Thought

Now THIS is immersive learning! Recently I posted about why my son can no longer attend his school but what I didn’t talk about was what we were going to do to continue his education.  And the only option we … Continue reading

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Playing Hooky at the Beach

I should be slaving away over the laptop but I confess I’m having fun somewhere else.  It’s Spring Break in Florida… can you blame me?

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From My Wall: What is This?

This came from my Facebook Wall.   I wish I knew who the photographer was because I love this clever capture.  I had to look twice to see what it really was ;p

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From My Wall: In a Witchy Mood

It’s been one of those days… ;D

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From My Wall

Here’s my latest favorite Wall art.  Tonight I’m deep in Mae territory – making changes for republishing so I’m leaving just a short hello tonight.  It feels so good to be letting myself slide back into a story again.  I … Continue reading

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Saying Good Riddance to Verizon

I’m going to wean myself off my cell phone. My latest Verizon bill is over $600 because I had a $200 minutes overage last month.  I followed their prompt to “upgrade today and avoid paying for your minute overage” and … Continue reading

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