John Dye: Marketing Like a Rockstar

When I met John Dye I knew I had found my marketing muse. 

He epitomized everything I was trying to convey in my book No Money Marketing – the idea that marketing is nothing to be afraid of and it doesn’t need to cost big bucks.  Marketing is simply loving your product whether it’s a book, a shop or yourself.

One of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal is attitude.  As I said in No Money Marketing;

The biggest turn off for others is usually our attitude.  We have an inner voice whispering to us all the time, putting us down and warning of impending failure.

To succeed we have to learn to work beyond that voice.  Now read John’s post today on modelwirenetwork, The Importance of Press, Attitude & PerspectiveSee why I think of him as my marketing muse?  Great minds ;p

If only I had met John before I finished my book I’d have given him a whole chapter to himself… but wait!  That’s the beauty of being an indie author; I am my own boss.  Rather than hide John’s genius away while I pen another marketing book I’ve decided to just add his chapter to No Money Marketing for its relaunch this May.

John’s amazing story of how he went from being a self taught make up artist to showing up on MTV with Taylor Swift, becoming a model in NYC, a blogger for modelwirenetwork, having a reality show… I could go on but then why write the chapter?  Let me just sum it up by saying John is his own product and he has marketed himself to the top without spending a fortune.

It can be done as I showed with my first book, End of Mae.  It can be done as I will be showing you soon with John Dye.  You don’t need to be rich to be famous – you just need to market like a rockstar.  Just watch John go…

Photo Credits Include: Robert Pytel, Billy, Andre Walker, and Holly Van Voast- LENSJOCKEY TM.
Models: John Dye, Lea Rannells Comrie, Jason Hurt, Darren Pasha, Andrea Debevc, & Rene Ganuza

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