Satellite Sisters: My First Radio Interview

I finally found a copy of the first radio interview I ever did.  It was for the Satellite Sisters on NPR back in late 2001 I think, just after 9/11.  I was being interviewed for my outlook on being a military spouse.  (listen here: Angela Yuriko (Cato) Smith – Satellite Sisters)

At the time I was a contract writer for and loving it, and the radio interview was an interesting part of that role.  When I listened to it today it made me nostalgic to think of how much my life has changed since then.  I think I can hear a little bit of New Jersey in my voice even, now long replaced by the slower, Southern influenced inflections.

Here’s a little bit of my personal history I can now share with you, thanks to the computer prowess of my daughter Kyra (she converted it for me).  I’ve changed a lot since then… but I still think I sound silly in recordings.

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