Unjunk Your Junk Food

Today I’m reviewing a handy little book I just found called Unjunk Your Junk Food from the creators of NaturallySavvy.com.  If you are trying to make your diet healthier without resorting to meals of tasteless veggies then this is a fabulous book to have.

The idea behind this clever book is that you can have your cake and eat it too.  There are healthy alternatives to just about any junk food but the trick is discovering them all.

The authors have done the hard work for us by gathering up all our favorite goodies and then hunting down the healthy alternative.  An example is Popsicle brand Rainbow Pops.  First Unjunk goes over the misleading marketing that goes into the promotion of this product and talks about why the frozen treat isn’t a good snack.  Instead they suggest Breyers Pure Fruit Bars and they tell why.  I find it easier to make better choices when the legwork has been done.

A lot of thought has gone into the creation of this little book.  It’s purse sized on heavy glossy paper so it’ll hold up thru shopping trips.  The info is laid out simply and clearly so you can get the facts and get on with your snacking quickly.  The illustrations and the writing are witty and fresh.

The book could easily come across as preachy and just another thing to feel guilty about but the authors don’t communicate that at all.  Rather then pointing an accusing finger they reach out a hand to help us all up to a better culinary place – a place where cake is beneficial.  Awesome! ;D

Find out more at Naturally Savvy.

Actual snippet from the book.

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