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Don’t Bother Reading This Rant

I am starting to believe that I am cursed. I even know what day it started: December 17th, 2011.  Life before that day was great.  Afterwards has been a parade of bizarre mishaps.  Don’t believe me?  Think I’m exaggerating?  Allow me to … Continue reading

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Spotlight: 3 Dogs & A Chick

Usually I spotlight books and blogs here, but today I have to share this amazing dog bakery I found.  Yes, I said dog bakery.  You can find people treats everywhere but only at 3 Dogs & a Chick can you find such … Continue reading

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Spotlight: Notes From An Alien by Alexander M Zoltai

Today I’d like to welcome someone I’ve known for a while but not nearly as well as I’d like to.  Alexander M Zoltai is one of those unique people who provokes thought as you chat with him.  Some people think outside the … Continue reading

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Neil Munro: My Hero

When did it get to be unusual behavior for a reporter to loudly ask questions? That’s what the media is supposed to be for; a kind of check and balance of the people.  We can’t sit in all the long … Continue reading

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Warning: Impending Derailment

I have had to take a break.  All the book stuff, work, family, outside drama, constant biking… all of it conspired to wear me flat-out.  Everyone around me is getting sick so I thought I’d take some time off to … Continue reading

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In Hiding…Shhhhhh!

Don’t tell anyone I’m here.  I am taking a break tonight and finishing off Frank W Smith’s Wolf Song.  I’m hiding from the humans to find of what all the werewolves and vampires are up to. Shhhhhh….!

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Long Day, Short Post

The day has been long and full of mishaps and adventure.  I jumped out of bed at the first sound of Reveille (my alarm clock trumpets us awake) and have been running ever since.  It was the morning of Artwalk … Continue reading

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Marketing Opportunities With Mileage

Never do what everyone else is doing if you want to be noticed, and in this teeming sea of self published flotsam to not be noticed means to not be read.  Terri Giuliano Long, author of In Leah’s Wake, agrees with … Continue reading

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This Terrible Week

This has been one of those terrible weeks that leaves you scarred and unsure whether you want to scream at someone or just fall down and give up.  If I’d had a fortune cookie warning it would have read: Past drama will … Continue reading

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Spotlight: In Leah’s Wake by Terri Giuliano Long

Recently I heard the best interview on JournalJabber (my favorite internet radio talk show btw).  The featured author was Terri Giuliano Long and her book is titled In Leah’s Wake.  I was instantly charmed by both her and her storyline and was thrilled when … Continue reading

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