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Usually I spotlight books and blogs here, but today I have to share this amazing dog bakery I found.  Yes, I said dog bakery.  You can find people treats everywhere but only at 3 Dogs & a Chick can you find such delights as BBQ’d Squirrels and 4 Cheese Fire Hydrants (wheat free for dogs with allergies!).  Everything is baked fresh and the ingredients are kept simple and healthy.

I know all this because 3 Dogs & a Chick was where we spent last Artwalk.  Robin Weisneth from A Brush with Humor joined us with her whimsical painted pets.  The only thing missing was our dog Dante – he had to stay home due to last-minute travel issues.  I loved this bakery so much I just had to share and Dante gets to finally visit tomorrow.  Stop by 3 Dogs & a Chick Dog Boutique and Bakery with your pet or order treats online.

The “chick” part of the bakery, by the way, is Nicole, and I’m so happy she’s agreed to tell us a little bit more about her bakery and how it came to be in an interview.

Nicole, You have quite the four-legged board of directors.  How did you and your furry staff Zara, Tayte and Saber decide to open a dog bakery?

I have always been an animal lover ever since I was a little girl.
I was a teacher for a few years and began making treats out of my home
for my dogs at the time. I began selling them to friends and got a lot
of positive feedback. I decided in 2005 to open up my first dog bakery
and boutique in Sanford, FL (a suburb of Orlando). 3 Dogs and a Chick
has been in Fort Walton Beach for 4 years now.

We have a new addition to the 3 Dogs and a Chick gang, our little 6
month old Pit Bull, named Bria. She is a ball of fun and stole my
heart when she was up for adoption through Under Dogs Rescue.

Congratulations on your newest family member Bria!  The rest of the gang will have to fill her in on the parts she’s missed.  What was it like in those early days back in Sanford and who were your first clients?

The early days of baking were a lot of early mornings. Being a
small business owner was a big challenge to take on. I was learning
not only about baking but also dog nutrition and doing a lot of
research. My first clients were locals of the area in Sanford, who I
still keep in contact with through email and Facebook. I won’t forget
those first people who gave me the encouragement and feedback to make
my store what it is today.

Running a dog bakery seems like a lot of hard work and fun.  What’s an average day at the bakery like?  Does your trio of canines get to help with quality control?

An average day at the bakery? Baking, decorating, cleaning, helping
customers find the right food for their pets. There is always learning
going on. We have a great team here and although, very small, I can
say we have a positive team. The highlight of my days are when someone
comes in with their dog and I get to pet them, learn a little about
their special one and give them a doggie cookie.  We rotate the shop
dogs, and yes, they test the cookies for quality control, happily.

I know our dog Dante is excited to come in and shop.  He’s a rescued dog.  I know you are a proactive supporter of animal welfare in the area.  Can you tell me about some of the things you and your team do to support local disadvantaged pets?

We are enthusiastic about helping local animals find good homes,
get proper nutrition and grow to be healthy and happy. We support
numerous shelters in the area and do our best to spread the help
around where it’s needed. Just this past Saturday, we held a
fundraiser for H.E.A.R.T Animal Rescue. We made special doggie
cookies, pup-cakes and did our best to inform the public about
adopting animals in need.

Emerald Coast animals are lucky you’re here!  Where do you see 3 Dogs and a Chick going?  Do you see expansion or are you happy the way it is?

3 Dogs and a Chick is a dream of mine that comes true every time I
walk through the door in the morning. I look around and see what once
started in my kitchen, expand and grow into something I absolutely
love. Right now, I am happy with where we are in the market and

We have a lot of authors and readers visit Dandilyon Fluff – could you recommend some of your favorite books to them?

There is nothing like a good book, especially a good one for an
animal lover. The following books I would highly recommend to be
heartwarming and provocative. The Art of Dancing in The Rain by Garth
Stein, Amazing Gracie: A Dog’s Tale by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff, For
the Love of a Dog by Patricia B. McConnell PhD, and Oogy, the Dog Only
A Family Could Love by Larry Levin.

Thank you so much Nicole for sharing your very cool bakery with us… why do I have a craving for some K9 Candy now?  Dante asked me to add that he will accept care packages from 3 Dogs & a Chick for all holidays now.  Where can we find all your doggy delights?

In order to get 3 Dogs and a Chick dog treats or products, you can come by our shop in Downtown Fort Walton Beach, FL or on our website at  We are always looking for ways to improve our store, products and improve customer satisfaction. We welcome any ideas or suggestions that could help benefit to make us a better business. Please feel free to contact us by telephone 850-243-7297 or email me, Nicole at

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