Who Fed The Dogs Now?

Who fed the dogs now? Me! Me, me, me!

Dandilyon Fluff is proud to participate in Pedigree’s “Write a Post, Help a Dog” Blog Hop thanks to a heads up from Robin Wiesneth.  While this is my first time to participate, 2012 marks the third year in a row that Pedigree has enlisted the help of bloggers to help feed dogs.  Pedigree has committed to donate a 17 pound bag of food for every blog that participates by writing about their commitment to helping homeless dogs find forever homes.

Pedigree understand that over 4 million dogs are made homeless each year, and they want to help. So in December of 2011, they entered into partnership with Rescue Bank, a national food distribution network, to help bring food to hungry shelter dogs in America.

Please Note: I am participating in this Blog Hop in good faith that the facts are accurate but I actually found no mention of it on either Rescue Bank or Pedigree’s sites leading me to believe it may not be real.  I’ve sent a message to Pedigree to verify the details.

In the meantime, there’s no harm done in participating so I am in hopes that my post really does feed a dog.  I’ll let you know what I find out and if anyone has any further details please let me know.  The original post I read on A Tonk’s Tail.

Update:  Turns out this was accurate so I’m really glad I participated – I barely made the cut off.  Here’s the message from Pedigree:

Pedigree Adoption Drive

Hi Angela, thanks for reaching out about our “Write a Post, Help a Dog” BlogPaws campaign. As a part of our commitment to helping shelter dogs find loving homes, we donated one 17 lb. bag of PEDIGREE dry dog food to shelters in need, with a… goal of 450 bags, for every blog post written about Pedigree’s commitment to dog adoption. The program ran from June 23rd – June 30th. We received fantastic support and are happy to say we reached our goal of 450 bags for shelters across the US. Happy reading!

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