One Day… One Bag At A Time

All the excitement over the HEART Anthology has kept me mesmerized and glued to the computer.  This morning I woke up to find this little book well into the top 100,000 on both Kindle and paperback.  In the land of books, that’s amazing.

The part that really blows me away is that it hasn’t even been promoted yet.  That was in the first 24 hours of being released for sale – I hadn’t even had a chance to send an email to all the selected authors yet!

What does that mean for HEART?  That equals nearly $40 for the first day.  That can be a month of food for someone’s dog.  That someone may be struggling with finding work and considering giving up their best friend to an already overloaded shelter.  That $40 may be just enough to save a life.

HEART steps in and buys time for animals in need.  They provide adoption fees, food, medical… they tirelessly share stories and photos to try and find places for all the displaced dogs out there.  With the economy in such dire straights more animals than ever are finding themselves homeless.  HEART steps in and makes a difference.

Thank you to everyone who is sharing information about this book.  This could not have happened without the efforts of so many people who contributed time and talent.  Thank you for stepping behind this project with us so that we can all help HEART make that difference.

Here’s some links for it:

Createspace Paperback (Best royalties)

Amazon Paperback

Amazon Kindle

HEART Animal Rescue

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