Our New Car

The Geo TrackerWe finally got a car!

After much exhausting searching we settled on a 1995 Geo Trooper.  These mini SUV’s have great gas mileage at 27 mpg, towing capability to 1,000 pounds and the roof comes off to reveal a fun summer vehicle.  Geos are often compared to Prius for efficiency for a lot less cost.  We went and picked it up today and drove it home.

It’s all the joy of riding a bike only faster and more convenient.  The ragtop lets in all the sounds and smells of the road making the trip an experience rather than a blank space in between destinations.  The gas efficiency means we can buzz around without worrying about breaking the bank.  The last owner put in a fabulous sound system.

The first time I was pulling away to grab some groceries I turned it on just in time to hear I Believe in Miracles.  We smiled and turned it up.  We certainly do. ;D

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  1. Amy says:

    double yeah!!!

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