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Stars Four

Bottled Abyss by Benjamin Kane Ethridge was a surprisingly original story line.

While I found the characters unlovable, they were still believable.  I will say a lack of sympathy for any of the players, except the dog, gave me an emotionally detached experience with the story.  Every character disgusted me and I wanted to see them all die.  Except the dog, I liked him.  Still, a very well edited and enjoyable story despite my lack of empathy with the characters.

My main criticism would be that the ending meandered past its natural stopping point.  When evils had been resolved, justice served and all the loose ends wrapped up,  I was a satisfied reader and ready for a The End I could have closure with.  And then the story continued… and continued… and continued… until I was sweeping over paragraphs bored.  I highly urge the author to mercilessly take the axe to everything after shewhoshallnotbenamed pops in.  (No spoilers here!).  Use it for a sequel :)

All in all, quite worth the money spent and Bottled Abyss provided me with some enjoyable entertainment.  Major adult themes so heads up.

Note:  I bought Bottled Abyss on Kindle before interviewing the author on Journal Jabber, a BlogTalkRadio show.  Listen to the interview for more insight.

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