Dandilyon Fluff is 3 years old!


I’ve been so busy lately I just realized that today is the blog’s three year anniversary.  Has it only been three years since I made that first post in tribute to my motorcycle?  The first year passed and found me in Australia and newly married.  That post I listed milestones I’d passed in that one year and I was amazed.  Last year’s post was a simple note of the date.  I was working my buns off as an “event specialist” at Sam’s Club.  And now here we are, going on year three.  Three is my lucky number ;D

Where will next year find me and “The Fluff?”  My predictions are this:

  1. End of Daze will be published and my entire participatory writing idea will have been a fun success.  Which reminds me – ENTER SOME MORE PROMPTS FOR ME!  I have 4 this time which makes me think maybe we better go back to using Rafflecopter.
  2. We will be unpacked and completely moved in.
  3. I will be a rested, relaxed person rather then the crazy, cranky and tired harpy I have become.  Maybe that’s why Ryan suggested I go back to black with my hair ;p

Whether or not any or all of these come true, thank you for traveling along with me over the last three years.  And with little fanfare, on to year four!  What are your predictions for the next year?

The original ;Dandilyon Fluff banner I started with.

The original ;Dandilyon Fluff banner I started with.

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