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It was a great week at the Beacon!  I got to interview Carsten Stroud about the sequel to his book Niceville, called The Homecoming.  I’ve had no time with all the finishing up moving and family visiting so I’m still at the beginning of the first book but so far it is excellent.  Spooky, real with a twist of the supernatural… I’ll be reviewing both books when I’m finished and look forward to talking to Carsten again next year about his final book in the Niceville trilogy.
Carsten Stroud article

Another highlight was this great photo I got of the Niceville city manager panhandling on the corner to help fund the city firework’s show.  The annual pyrotechnic show, which costs around $28,000 to put on, is paid without using one penny of tax payer money.  Niceville and Valparaiso, our sister city, have a year long fundraising push to collect the money.  They recycle aluminum cans, sell smoked pork butts at Superbowl, limited edition T-shirts and even beg on the street corners to make sure the skies over Boggy Bayou are lit up each Independence Day.  I’m so glad I was able to get this photo!

Fireworks Fund

My third favorite thing that happened at the Beacon this week was being able to get Mr. Smith’s visiting parents a cameo appearance in the paper.  Since all the festivities were rained out July 4, we went to the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida where they were doing free admission and passing out flags to celebrate.  We ran into the museum manager, who photogenically was wearing red, white and blue and the rest is history ;p

Smiths in Beacon

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