Bonejangles at #12, free ride nearly over

Bonejangles kindleThe free ride is almost over!  If you haven’t gotten your copy of Mr. Bonejangles yet, now is the time now is the time (or pay a whopping .99 cents later!).  I’ve been at work most of the three day free period so I haven’t gotten to do a lot of sharing but I have been really pleased with the results.  Get yours here!

Within hours Mr. Bonejangles had jumped to #38 on the  story list.  It climbed all the way to #15-17 where it stayed steady.  Of course I had hopes of seeing it hit #1 but I’m still satisfied.  Just now, hours before the free introductory period is done it’s shot to #12.

Bonejangles 12


After this I’ll be finishing up End of Joon, releasing Bonejangles in paperback and releasing an updated and more focused No Money Marketing under the new title of Virtual Marketing.  I have a story in Christmas Lites III , all the proceeds of this anthology go to help stop domestic violence.  I’m proud to have been involved in this wonderful project since the first book.  Finally, there is a collaborative project (or two!) in the works that I’m not sure if I can tell you about yet… but it’s very exciting.  Ask my editor, it’s her idea ;p

But for now, all I can offer you is Mr. Bonejangles free for another few hours.  I hope you will take the time to leave me an honest review and share it.  I appreciate the time you lend me as a reader, and I promise to do my best not to squander it.

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