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NHSEagle GOI’ve never been a sports person.  In my life I think I have attended a total of one football game and watched two half time shows.  Superbowl night was cause to go wander the empty streets, alone, wondering if the planet had been raptured up to space.

You can imagine how unhappy I was when my boss at the newspaper started assigning me to put together the sports page.  It was the first (& only!) time I doubted his competence as  a media veteran.  He’s smart about a lot of things, but putting me over sports was not one of them.  I thought.

The first day I was trying to edit a football story was a nightmare.  Do you say “first down” or “1st down” and why does it say “QB” in front of some guy’s name… is that like Mr. or Dr.?  I was stressed, but my old friend Google and a football savvy co worker helped me to slip by.  After it was laid out I stared at the incomprehensible set of words I had formatted.  Was it correct?  Had I made a football faux pas?   I realized it was time to expand my education.

I started asking questions and I found out things, like “QB” is short for “quarterback.”  The team I’ve been learning on, The Niceville High School Eagles, have been doing extremely well and, as of his post, made it all the way to the Region Finals.  Watching and learning about football from them has been exciting.

When I started asking for final score texts from our sports writer I looked at it as I was just being proactive so I wold have a heads up on what kind of story I’d see on it Monday morning.  It’s just good work ethics, I reasoned.

Tonight, however, I found myself refreshing the 2013 Florida High School Football Playoff Brackets page over and over as I watched for them to update who we (did I say “we?”) were playing next.  When I found out the Eagles had won, I checked my calendar to see if I was free to go personally to the next game.  That’s when it hit me – I was enjoying this football stuff!

So lesson to myself: Stay open minded and realize that when I don’t like something it may be really that I don’t understand it, and what I really don’t like is not understanding.  Now I see why not to judge… always keep the open sign on because something amazing may be running late.

Maybe my boss knew what he was doing all along.

profile eyesAngela Yuriko Smith is a regular contributor on Dandilyon Fluff and the author of several modern Gothic books including Mr. Bonejangles & Other Tales of Dark Karma and the End of Daze series which includes End of Mae and End of Joon.  She pays her bills by working as an editorial assistant for a weekly newspaper.

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Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, publisher, and author with over 20 years of experience in newspaper journalism. She co-publishes Space and Time magazine with author husband Ryan Aussie Smith. For more information visit
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  1. I, too, know next to nothing about sports, and when I was a newsie, I had a PHOBIA about being assigned a sports story!!

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