Black Friday? No thanks!

Black FridayIt’s ironic that the day after Thanksgiving has become “Black Friday,” the day to squabble over discount electronics.  We waited until afternoon before we dared poke our head into a shop today, and then it was only for essentials like groceries.

We even braved Walmart, the magnet for the mayhem, and while we did see two police squad cars parked at each entrance, officers inside patrolling the store and angry looking managers standing around in small groups, discussing the morning animatedly, we managed to get our bag of coffee and go peacefully.  We even got an accidental Black Friday deal: our coffee was on sale at $12 a bag from the normal $15.  So successful day for us, we think, by refusing to get lured into the consumer chaos.

Others, not so lucky… Here’s a post on the Huffington Post’s Business section that embeds videos for your viewing amazement.  Come on, people – is a television worth punching out your fellow man?

I guess that’s better than getting stabbed over a parking place today...

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