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Why I can never have a bad birthday…

Look at the video my friend Crystal Bozeman Clifton left for me on my Facebook today – these are the kinds of skeletons I want in my closet ;p So many well wishes… I am astounded that I am lucky … Continue reading

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Sticks & Stones: Cliffhangers!

Can it really be time for me to write another blog post? Why yes, yes it can be! I’m not going all cheesy Thanksgiving on you yet. Wait till next week to get your dose of something corny. I’m sure I’ll … Continue reading

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Novel Debut: Eric Robert Nolan with “The Dogs Don’t Bark”

Listen here! We have a special treat on the show tonight – author Eric Robert Nolan is debuting his new novel, The Dogs Don’t Bark in Brooklyn Anymore; click here to get the first chapter, Chorus, free. The story starts off with an irresistible hook … Continue reading

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How NOT to be a Starving Artist

I’ve gotten into the habit of making a trip to a local thrift store once a week just to see if there is anything amazing, and today’s trip was so successful I wanted to share. Altogether I spent $30. I … Continue reading

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Poetry Slam Sunday: Eric Robert Nolan

Time to get back to some poetry slam! I’ve been slammed myself the past few weeks so I’ve been letting the Sunday’s slip away with no lyrical love lines, no metered masterpieces and no refined rhymes. To make it up … Continue reading

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Amazon: Friend or Foe?

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend with Amazon recommendations as of late. As a rule whether I purchase a book or receive it as a review copy from a publisher I always check the reviews from other readers. It serves the … Continue reading

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An epiphany!

Ever since reading Amy’s great post on making sure you understand your genre I’ve been wondering what mine is. I didn’t think about it when I started writing. I wrote what popped in my head. Awhile back Amazon sent me … Continue reading

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Calling all authors: Go international… to Kuwait!

I was invited today to send some of my books in paperback to the guys stuck over seas in places like Kuwait. “My husband is deployed, and reading is a comfort to him, and so many others, since all they … Continue reading

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The roses…

Hey, all. I’m back here on the blog again, but this week – I don’t want to talk about books. (Don’t all jump up in shock or anything!) I guess in a way, it can tie into writing as well, depending … Continue reading

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Sheryl Lynn Siler tonight on Journal Jabber!

Listen in to tonight’s author, Sheryl Lynn Siler, offers inspiration, motivation and encouragement to all those who come into her path. Her book, Snapshots: Great Attitudes & Positive Self-Talk – Conquering Your Self Defeating Self-Talk, is full of strategies for creating … Continue reading

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