Review: Mountain Home by Bracken MacLeod

Mountain HomeFive StarsKudos to Bracken MacLeod on an excellent, well written and well edited book.  The story took hold of my interest from the first few pages and never let up.

The characters were engaging, I sympathized with Lyn, and later cheered her when she came into her own.  The despicable characters were truly loathsome and I was drawn into a familiarity with each of them, even the minor figures.

The character of Joanie Meyers was a particularly fascinating one to me.  She was a prime example of how small minded cruelty and prejudice are often the catalyst behind catastrophic events such as the random shootings plaguing our society now.

Mountain Home isn’t gentle; the suspense and description are in your face and unapologetic while keeping tightly engaged to the plot.  There is no fluff here, no random scenes put in to fatten word count and shock.  Every word carries the story forward to it’s explosive end.  I recommend this book to anyone who likes suspenseful, fast moving stories that are rich in character development and story with some supernatural shivers thrown in for good effect.

An original tale that stands alone as a dark jewel, Mountain Home is an exciting story that serves as a commentary and subtle moral admonishment to take heed with our actions: a small kindness can go a long way, and cruelty is a double edged razor that often makes the wielder bleed along with the victim.

Well done, Bracken MacLeod!  I will be looking for more from this potent author.


Mountain Home is available on Amazon, and you can find more on the author, Bracken MacLeod on his author page.  He was one of the four authors to read for Journal Jabber’s Halloween Special show and did an interview on Journal Jabber a few weeks before to discuss (and read) Mountain Home.

You can also find him on his blog.

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