A Virtual Honorable Mention

Snapshot_001I entered in a friendly poetry contest the other night and won honorable mention.  I’m thrilled – I don’t usually write poems but since I’ve gone to a poetry slam I’ve been playing with them more.

This poem was for a virtual venue called Writer’s Island owned by Arton Tripsa, and the theme was “birthdays.”

It’s That Day

It is the first day of something,

when dawn erupts over the horizon in a parade

of molten gold and rose

to announce that there has been

a beginning.

That moment of first creation,

the first moment of being,

is singular and magnificent whether it be

born of word or womb.

The moment when something that wasn’t

suddenly is,

when something new

begins a journey

to becoming something old,

is a moment to annually fete

forever after.

It is a day of hope,

a day of possibility.

It’s a birthday.






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