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JJ 1From Angela: Today’s Journal Jabber talk show guest is Mike Faricy, who has also gifted us with a guest post here which explores the nature of his character, Dev Haskell.  The show starts at 2 p.m. CST.  The link to listen to the show here.

I write books of no redeeming social value, crime fiction, theoretically with a sense of humor and even some romance. The main character in my series is a private investigator named Dev Haskell.

If you’re looking for tales dealing with international terrorists, government coups or banking conspiracies…Dev doesn’t do that.  The Dev Haskell series is written solely for my reader’s enjoyment. I try to deliver an entertaining page turner that readers are unable to put down.

JJ 5Set in my hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota the series deals with a social pool that inhabits the world just below polite society. The individuals Dev gets involved with are the sort of folks we all know. They’re that kid you occasionally wonder about from your high school class. We’re all curious about them, but we also know enough to keep them at a distance. The trouble they find themselves in is due to their own bad decisions, but then bad decisions can make for some interesting tales.

JJ 4Dev fancies himself a ladies man. And, to tell the truth, women like him, at least at the start. They seem to view him as a work in progress. He’s that type of guy that if you could just take off a few rough edges, give him some different friends and maybe eliminate that occasional bad decision everyone would be happy. Of course, more than a few good women have finally just thrown up their hands and told him to never, ever, call them again.

Dev is the kind of guy who would be a really fun get-away weekend. You’d just want to make sure you traveled very far away and, you probably wouldn’t tell your girlfriends for a couple of years after the fact. Any eventual confession would most likely be the result of a number of adult beverages. As maddening as Dev is, in the end, his feet seem to routinely be pulled from the fire by a woman who ultimately saves the day.

JJ 2All my books, in both electronic and printed versions are available on Amazon.com. My most recent Dev Haskell release, Last Shot was nominated for a 2013 Minnesota Book Award. Ting-A-Ling, the seventh in the Dev Haskell series and my fourteenth novel over all is available in mid-march.

You can email Mike Faricy at mikefaricyauthor@gmail.com

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