Pet of the Week: Agnes and Agatha

alaqua 1Our story began during the cold and rainy season. We found ourselves stranded and lost on high ground, surrounded by water. We were scared, hungry, and just skin and bones. A Good Samaritan rescued us, and took us to a magical place called Alaqua. That was when our lives took a turn for the better!

Once we arrived, they gave us excellent veterinary care, fed us yummy food, and the best thing they did, was to give us lots of love. They also gave us names. We were named Agnes, (blonde), and Agatha, (brown). It was determined that Agnes was a teenage Mother, and Agatha is her daughter. Our ages are, Agnes, ten years and Agatha, nine years.

alaqua 2.pngOnce we settled in here, we quickly became volunteer favorites. We love to run and play in the field. We are said to be fast little “chunky monkeys” when we play fetch.

Soon, we left our past behind, as we were so happy to be loved. We are delighted to simply be alive! We discovered that by being happy dogs with wagging tails, we won over the humans! By being around us, we found that our joy of life was contagious.

We love to make the humans giggle with our silliness. We have been on a “field trip”, where we got to ride in the car. We were such good girls and always minded our manners. Oh, and we have so much fun wiggling around in the grass. We have seen the worst of times and that just makes us appreciate the best of times.

These nice humans at Alaqua think it is best that we stay together, as we are a bonded pair. We have been through a lot, and we need to stay together. We are good little girls, and always keep our kennel nice and clean. We love our kibble and we are thankful for any attention we receive. Try to think of us as a single “unit”. It may be twice the dog food, but it is half of the guilt when we are left alone! We have each other to keep each other company.

So, if you have room in your heart, or know someone that could use a couple of loving dogs to cheer up their life, come on out to Alaqua. Just ask the staff here about the “golden girls”. They will know it is us, the mother-daughter team with the mission in life to spread happiness and laughter. Humans often say, “If life gives you lemons, you should make some lemonade”! That pretty much sums up our vision, forgive and forget the past problems, hold your head up high and just be happy!

Please share our story; we just know that our forever home is out there, somewhere! Meanwhile, we will continue to spread our love here at Alaqua. We are patient little dogs, but when we finally find our forever family, we are going to make them so happy!

For more information about this or any other adoptable animals please visit the website,  Alaqua Animal Refuge is a no-kill animal refuge located in Northwest Florida. The refuge has placed over 9,000 animals of all kinds since it’s inception in 2007, and has grown to become a recognized leader in animal welfare and animal cruelty prevention.

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