Grads in Garb

DSCF2485As the 2013-2014 school year draws to a close I have been running around getting photos of seniors in their robes for our upcoming grad publications. It’s an assignment I didn’t put much thought into at first – get photos of grads in garb.  Got it.

I hit Rocky Bayou Christian School first. A group of about 15 excited teenagers happily let me order them around from wall to wall and then stood up on a bench for me so I could get a shot of the sky behind them and then humored me with a shot* of them jumping off, robes and hair flying every direction as they leaped, figuratively, towards their futures and freedom.

Their enthusiasm towards life is infectious and unafraid. They are full to the brim with joy at the smallest things – the face of a friend, the embrace of a crush… a smile from a teacher.

Tonight I visited the Collegiate School @ Northwest Florida graduation. The sun sank low in the sky, gilding the excited future in gold. We were in an emotional wormhole as memories were created at warp speed, intertwined with future and the present moment simultaneously. The future was now, drenched in perfume and aftershave, stumbling in brand new heels and tight loafers.

Next week I’ll visit my last school, the Niceville High School seniors, for a final installment of ‘grads in garb.’ The experience has been inspiring and gratifying – and that’s a good feeling to have about the future.

*awesome idea Julie!

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