What an Actor Taught Me About Writing

Alan Ritchson, left, gets a surprise from show producer R.J. Murdock when a clip from a Kids on Campus production from 1996 was played featuring himself.

Alan Ritchson, left, gets a surprise from show producer R.J. Murdock.

Last week I had the privilege of hearing actor Alan Ritchson speak on acting. Even though he was speaking to a group of acting students about the art of acting, the principals of success he shared can be translated to cover any art, including writing.


My favorite things things that Ritchson said? From the article;

“These days we are our own
marketing force,” said Ritchson
during the show taping. During
one recent film casting he witnessed,
he says producers were
looking through Twitter and
Facebook pages to cast roles.
“If you are able to create your
own following these people will
want you,” he said of movie producers.

I loved hearing him acknowledged that the rules have changed across the board, but one element of success is, and will always be, a vital element.

“Hard work is part of the equation in the business,” said Ritchson. “Talent is secondary.  You have to be willing to put the work in.”

Here’s the story published this week in The Bay Beacon – click the image to read it larger:

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