Peek at my W.I.P. ‘Finding Freedom’

dandelion on black compassJune was a busy month. I signed book contracts with Three Fates Press, Dandilyon Fluff turned 4 years old and I started and finished some new projects closing some chapters in my life while opening new ones.

For my latest WIP I am going back to my roots to a genre I lovingly call  revolutionary non fiction. The working title is Finding Freedom, and here’s an excerpt, raw and unedited:

From Finding Freedom: I see people suffering all around me and I wish there was something I could say.

I see people caught in bondage, held captive by their fears. They fear the illusion they wear will drop off and the rest of us will see them for who they really are. Is that so bad? It is when you hate who you are.

A lot of us don’t like the person closest to us – ourselves. We know what we are supposed to be, who we have been told we should be, and we can’t live up to that standard. We will always be too fat, too skinny, too bold, too shy, too silly, too serious. The evidence of our shortcomings are paraded before us constantly by the media. Our parents, teachers, scout masters, pastors and loving family have worked together to  build a foundation of failure for us. Like Sleeping Beauty locked in a tower, we remain imprisoned by the impositions of others.

It’s important not to be angry at these prison builders. Often, they are prisoners themselves trying to show us how to escape, how to transcend, our barriers. They are working on partial truths, having never been free themselves, and can’t direct us to a freedom they’ve never experienced. Like model prisoners, they try to help by telling us how to be better prisoners. They don’t have directions to fly since their idea of the sky is the limited patch of blue they have been allowed to see.

The prison is one we carry with us. Once they have built it up, we carefully take it wherever we go. It keeps us from reaching out to each other. It keeps us drinking too much and debasing ourselves. It keeps us from living. The prison has been built so carefully, it camouflages itself and becomes a part of us until most people don’t know what is them and what is containing them.

Like good inmates, we work to keep each other trapped. We encourage fear, low self esteem and self loathing. We are told to be proud of who we are, but conform to preset standards. We should be individual, like everyone else. Think outside the box but never color outside of the lines. This mindset is designed to hobble us, limit our potential and encourages mediocrity. Who are the evil puppet masters behind this facade of failure? The truth is that we are.

We are gregarious herd creatures. Not particularly proficient in the physical attribute department that sports fang and claw, and yet we have become the most feared hunters on the planet. We did that by being smart and cooperating. We conformed for survival.

We don’t need to conform anymore. At the top of our food chain, it’s time for us to enlighten and expand. There will always be mediocrity, and there is nothing wrong with it. The sin is in forced conformity.

Time to be free.

About Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, publisher, and author with over 20 years of experience in newspaper journalism. She co-publishes Space and Time magazine with author husband Ryan Aussie Smith. For more information visit
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4 Responses to Peek at my W.I.P. ‘Finding Freedom’

  1. Tarah S says:

    I like what you’ve written so far! I look forward to reading the finished work!

  2. Love your genre—revolutionary non fiction :-)

    May the Muses of the Independent Investigation of Truth be with you…

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