Learning Chinese?

Celebrating Chinese New Year at Niceville High School

Celebrating Chinese New Year at Niceville High School

Last week I was invited to celebrate Chinese New Year. Other then working for a Chinese woman years ago and having a Chinese neighbor, I know little about the culture.

A successful businessman spoke a few words before the celebration started. To sum it up, he pointed out that China is the second most important trading partner with the U.S., and that the Chinese population is growing far faster than any other right now.

The entire presentation, put together by Niceville High School’s Chinese program, was well done and I was impressed not only by their second language competency but how original and interesting the show was. When I watched a bunch of second grade ‘special guests’ perform a Chinese song I decided it may be time to learn to speak Chinese myself, especially since I can finally talk to my neighbor then.

Mr. Smith and I have decided to learn together, and we will probably go with the Rosetta Stone program. Anyone have any experience with this? Advice and suggestions welcome…

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