Scooter Life Takes Detour

Not much progress made...

Not much progress made…

As excited as I was to put the new scooter together yesterday, life happened. It wound up being a weekend of delays and detours. I probably had about 15 minutes to mess with the new machine. The rest of the time was spent:

  • Archery tournament
  • Smoothie date with daughter
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Unexpected interview for paper
  • Pick up son’s phone forgotten someplace else
  • Fill out a questionnaire
  • Assist son to get his Learner’s Permit
  • Take son practice driving
  • Take son to fill out job applications
  • Visit with a friend
  • Make dinners, lunches, etc.
  • Hem daughter’s work pants
  • Walk the dog
  • Balance bank accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Sleep (really need to break this habit)

I know there was more but as I sip my morning coffee and try to wake up, the weekend is just a blur. Today the plan is, aside from work, to get the scooter registered and order license plates on my lunch (and take son to pick up learner’s permit) and then try to finish putting it together tonight. At this rate, I hope to have it on the road by this weekend.

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