Simplify to survive…

My pocket office- full size keyboard, word processing, music and color-change ambiance.

My pocket office- full size keyboard, word processing, music and color-change ambiance.

There’s been a disturbance in The Force.

You may notice a lack of the daily posts here. I find myself a writer without a computer since Friday. I should be devastated, instead I’ve been enjoying the break.

The lull has given me time to re-evaluate and prioritize things in my mind. For years I’ve struggled with producing new work on my books while maintaining a daily blog (and a family and a 40+ hour job…).

It’s been a frustrating puzzle for me, and the answer I’d come up with was you either write or you promote your writing. There’s no time for both.

Have office, will travel.

Have office, will travel.

That’s how I’ve been playing it: periods of frenetic creating followed by periods of frenetic promotion. The romance left the building about three years ago.

The solution came to me this weekend as I enjoyed some mad cleaning time. I was thinking to myself how I really just want to write new books – not stay on the blog treadmill of daily new material. If only I could just write my books on my blog I thought…. and then I realized, I can!

I’m excited to merge blog and book schedule and simplify my life a little more. All my books from here on out will be available free here, in unedited bits and pieces. Readers will be able to influence new books as I’m creating them by leaving comments, and I do listen. The only reason Joon remains in End of Mae is because the beta readers insisted.

I hope to have a computer again soon, but for now I have my pocket office, pictured above, to fall back on with all its amenities (including music and color change ambiance). I will still write posts besides rough drafts, but for now I need to consolidate and simplify to survive.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I love celebrating the fact that you are a renewable resource. That’s cool!

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