Conventions Are Career Builders

I was so tired by the time this was taken.
I was so tired by the time this was taken.

Today I’m driving back to my real life at the newspaper reflecting on the great weekend. Attending the World Horror Convention 2015 was a huge boost for my career for several reasons.

First, it got me out there as “a horror writer.” I published End of Mae in 2011, and while I haven’t really shouted out that it’s horror genre I was still pretty shocked to get multiple messages from people who said they didn’t realize I was a horror writer. Seeing me here solidified it in their minds.

Check out JH Glaze's top notch set up.
Check out JH Glaze’s top notch set up.

Second, the networking was priceless. I met dozens of authors of all experience levels and each one was willing to share their expertise. I’ve toyed with joining the Horror Writer’s Association for a year now and I’m convinced it’s an invaluable tool for any writer in this genre.

I met mentors, including JH Glaze— a master of presentation I will be taking tips from. He gave a seminar on selling at conventions that was really useful for marketing in general. His workshop alone was worth the entire weekend.

Finally, it was just fun. How awesome it was to get with a group of people who had similar tastes, the same warped sense of humor and not sensor myself. It wasn’t relaxing but ultimately rewarding. I’ll be doing it again… and again… and again.






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