Review: Jade Sky by Patrick Freivald

Jade SkyDisclaimer: I will be temporary roommates with Patrick Freivald at the World Horror Convention this weekend but in no way has that, and the fact that he has hordes of trained bees at his command, influenced me in any way. 

Jade Sky by Patrick Freivald is a well written ride through human nature at its enhanced best. Freivald’s writing style is clear and to the point without wasted word count. Every sentence serves a purpose in this well edited story that often brings humor to the horrible.

The reading experience was seamless and I remained engaged to the last page. The characters were brought to living color (often blood red) and evoked genuine emotional response from me as they suffered and prevailed… and sometimes just suffered and died.

I usually don’t read action based fiction but this was quite the ride. Freivald didn’t lose me in the details but kept the information flowing in perfect amounts to convey the story without crushing it under too much tech. There were elements of mystery, fantasy, horror, adventure Jade Sky is a package deal that any reader can enjoy and I fully recommend it.

If you don’t enjoy Jade Sky as much as I did, feel free to bring the matter to Freivald and his killer bees and I’m sure the matter will be disposed of quickly.

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