Must Visit: Transylvania, Louisiana

Transyvania Elementary School

Photo courtesy Simply Sharon/Flickr

It’s been a long day on the road today traveling back from Little Rock. I’ve added a town we passed through, Transylvania, Louisiana, to my list of Must Visit places—

The town is just a blip on the road as you pass through with a population of less than 800. From the abandoned look of everything, I think the figure may be closer to 200.

You may not notice it as you pass through except for the full-size deserted elementary school squatting in the center of town, casting its shadow over everything. There is a Transylvania Baptist Church and I read that the small general store is happy to sell vampire souvenirs and rubber bats to tourists.

If you Google the town’s name you can find photos of the inside of the school but so far I haven’t uncovered any stories on why the school is empty or what happened. Probably nothing more interesting than failed economics, but the name and the aging structure looming over everything does lend itself to fancy… what do you think happened?

I’m certain a place with so much dark ambiance must have some ghost stories and I was not disappointed. Apparently there is a Transylvania ghost that might try to make you have a wreck which we, fortunately, didn’t meet. Someday I will explore this further and spend a little more time in Transylvania.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Fun. Maybe the other 600 inhabitants don’t come out in the daylight…

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