On Lizard Books and Perantula Movies!

coverWhere do I begin?

Robin Wiesneth from A Brush With Humor has done an absolutely brilliant job of illustrating The Literary Lizard and it should be available on Amazon as an ebook in the next 24 hours with the paperback to follow shortly after.

I’m excited to announce that production on a short film version of my soon to be released short story, Perantulas! is set to begin.

I’m nervous—I’ve never done anything with a movie or producer before but I can’t wait to see the story come to life. The producer, Loren Boyer, also produced the full length movie, Carl, available on Vimeo. See the trailer here.

Sadly, we will not be able to show it publicly until it debuts next year at StokerCon in Las Vegas as it will be entered into the Lucky Th1rt3en Horror Short Film Competition, but that’s only about 8 months away. I can’t wait for StokerCon!

Perantula sketch, courtesy of Loren Boyer

Perantula sketch, courtesy of Loren Boyer

We will be sure to share lots of photos of production though, starting with film producer Loren Boyer’s sketch of what a pirantula might look like now.

Finally, and possibly the most exciting news—I have been asked to speak on Writing as Therapy tomorrow morning. For me, writing is very much therapy and has kept me from acting on negative impulses.

Ever wonder why horror writers are often such nice people? Because we demolish our negativity in fiction—often with fictional chainsaws.

My short story When I Committed Suicide (Mr. BoneJangles) started out as a real suicide letter that I intended to leave behind. Instead, it became a step for me to climb out of that pit. If I can ever help anyone else up on that step to climb out of their own pit, I’m there.

But more on Perantulas! Literary Lizards and writing as therapy later… right now I’m just trying to keep up on it all.

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