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20150921_075712Warning: This review may have elements of gross.

Part of the regular maintenance chores on our house is cleaning the drains. I shed like a cat, I regularly do henna hair treatments and Mr. Smith always has whisker hair going down the drain.

Each package contains two Drain Wigs.

Each package contains two Drain Wigs.

This means someone (Mr. Smith) has to take apart the drain every few months and clean out the disgusting build up that has taken residence there. Drain Wig looks like it makes that job much easier, faster and far less disgusting.

Drain Wig is easy to install. I simply opened the package and slipped the chain, with its hair catching rubber whiskers, into the opening. In 2-4 months I can simply grab the plastic stopper and pull out the Drain Wig, and the mess that is sure to be accumulating, and toss it. Simple—the hardest part of the operation was getting the blister packaging open.

Of course I will need time to see how well the Drain Wig works, but from the reviews I read online it does the trick. I hardly notice it in the drain and it doesn’t get in the way. In 2-4 months I’m sure we will be ecstatic to toss it, and the contents of our drain, in the garbage.

The Drain Wig installed.

The Drain Wig installed.

Pros: Disposable along with the mess. Easy install. Hardly noticeable.

Cons: Disposable. I feel environmental guilt and I have to buy a new two pack. Since they last 2-4 months, I think I can handle both the guilt and the price for the convenience.

Find out more about the Drain Wig by visiting them online at or find them on Facebook. Plenty of tips on using the Drain Wig are also online on their user friendly website.

Note: This Drain Wig product was sent to me free of charge in return for an honest review.

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