Product Review: Egg-tastic is fantastic

20150918_075811Last week I was sent as Egg-tastic microwave egg cooker to review and my main question is… why did I not have one of these before?

My two teenage boys have taken over ownership of this little, ceramic egg cooker and have used it almost daily since it came. They claim it makes the perfect lunches.


Easy to clean interior

It’s very easy to use and clean. Eggs don’t seem to stick to the interior. You can almost just wipe it out with a paper towel which is handy, since my teenage boys don’t always clean up after themselves. Because all the mixing, cooking and serving is done in the same container, it makes a meal with no mess.

The Egg-tastic is easy to use. Crack eggs into it and microwave. That’s it. The eggs come out perfectly cooked with no raw spots that have to be reheated.We have used it primarily for scrambled eggs, but poaching eggs works in it just as well. It’s the vented and domed lid design on this little pot that makes it works so well.


So easy to use, even a teenage boy can do it!

The boys like to scramble their eggs in it and add bits of cheese and leftovers. My 16-year-old points out that this is economical as it makes it easy for them to use small bits of leftovers that may otherwise be wasted.

The Egg-tastic is definitely economical—eggs aren’t expensive as a meal. Since I’ve been on this health and weightloss kick, I think I appreciate most that no oils or butters are required to make delicious, fluffy eggs.

Pros: Egg-tastic is economical, easy to use, easy to clean, easy to use and turns out delicious and healthy meals quickly.

Cons: I need two more so there’s no line at the microwave at breakfast and lunch.

Find out more about Egg-tastic by visiting them online at or find them on Facebook. Plenty of tips on using the Egg-tastic are also online on their user friendly website.

Want your own Egg-tastic? Enter to win, and then come back and let me know what you think of it! Contest ends Sept. 30.

Note: This Egg-tastic product was sent to me free of charge in return for an honest review.

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  1. Tyna Begley says:

    I tried to visit Eggtastic on FB, but it said the content was no longer valid. ???

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