Inching off the inches…

Author Before and After

Above, signing End of Mae back in 2012. Below, from left, author Katie Kahn, Diego, me and illustrator/author Robin Wiesneth.

Yesterday’s book signings went so well I wondered why I haven’t been doing more of them.

I looked it up and found that one of the last author signings I have done was June 15, 2012. Then I saw the photo, which I remember hating. Maybe that’s why I stopped doing them.

At this week’s weigh-in I was at 153.8 and only 18.8 pounds away from my final target.

A friend yesterday was asking me about how I feel about losing the weight. In a word, fantastic. I have been buried inside myself, stifled, and the real me is coming back to the surface.

I’ve also noticed a pattern with my weight loss. Mid-month I get discouraged, tired and I plateau out. Then, if I can hang on, I get a boost and drop a whole bunch of pounds at once. Possibly it’s a hormonal or a natural rhythm thing. Whatever it is, I know if I just stick with what I’ve been doing, I will reach my goal.

What I’m doing is avoiding sugar and sweeteners. I’m drinking 310 Nutrition Meal Replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch, since they are such an easy way to stay sugar free with no hunger and lots of energy. I take cinnamon supplements twice a day and glucosamine chondroitin at night to protect my joints from my intensifying work outs. I work out most mornings for an hour. I work out in my bathroom to music, basically just marching in place for an hour and then I plank for one minute.

If I seem like a broken record, I apologize. I used to think I was stuck with the extra weight, that it was just my age and the natural progression of things. To be who I wanted to be—fit and energetic—was an impossible dream.

Today, I feel like the years are dropping off of me with every pound and I know it’s possible. I want everyone I care about to experience the same thing, and if there’s anything I can do to help, I will.

I may actually make my goal of being in the 140 range by Halloween at this rate, but just barely. My focus, however, is on this final set of pounds.I have a brand-new, gorgeous dress for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, but it’s in a size 6. It was sent to us by mistake, and at the time I wore a size 16. I never dreamed I would ever one day wear it. The other day I tried it on as a joke, and it fit. It was too tight… but it fit and zipped. By her wedding, Dec. 5, I plan to be wearing that dress.

As you can see from my before and after photo, it’s possible. It’s possible, sooner than you think.

You can follow my weight loss journey…

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