The LAST Twenty Pounds

I took a break but I still shed some pounds in the form of my old clothes going to charity. I will never wear those sizes again.

I took a break but I still shed some pounds in the form of my old clothes going to charity. I will never wear those sizes again.

I’ve taken a break the last week and skipped a few work outs. I even went to an all-you-can-eat place for a birthday and ate some things I probably shouldn’t. Nothing amazing to report, but I am happy to not report anything bad either.

When I realized I’m on the last twenty pounds I froze up in fear a little. I haven’t been this light and felt this great since I was in my late twenties. Even though twenty pounds is nothing compared to everything else I’ve lost, somehow I find myself intimidated. What if I fail?

I finally had to remind myself that the goal isn’t to achieve a magic number on the scale but to get healthy and fit. As I approach 50, shedding these extra pounds will only get harder and a bigger detriment to my health. I need to shed the weight so I can feel great, and I do. The rest is just gravy… actually, hold the gravy. I can feel wonderful without it.

So I gave myself a week to rest up and get ready for the final push. A few days off, some minor dietary transgressions and I’m back on track. Staying with the 310 Nutrition meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch, working out for an hour a day and getting to bed on time will be my week’s focus.

To lose the last 20 pounds I’ll again aim for two pounds a week loss. Last week when I lost over five pounds it was too much. By Saturday I was feeling dull and weak, another reason why I’ve taken a break. Two pounds is healthy, and that puts me at weight goal by mid December… and just in time to not make “lose weight” my New Year’s resolution.

You can follow my weight loss journey…

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