Screenshot_2016-03-03-23-17-20In the spirit of Super Tuesday I’m going to skew the facts and announce that I lost 15 pounds in a day… kind of.

I found out today that runners have different weight requirements because of extra muscle mass. I have been going by regular weight calculators to determine my ideal goal and had come up with a goal of 135 pounds.

Since I’ve started running the only thing that hasn’t gotten faster has been my weight loss. I’ve become obsessed with speed and miles which seems to have stalled my scale. I feel fantastic but have been frustrated by trying to figure out what my goal needed to be.

Today I found the Racing Weight calculator and figured out my optimum weight for running. According to this Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.03.51 PMcalculator, I have to get down to 140 pounds and a 21% body fat. Right now I’m 150 and at 27% body fat. When I hit that magic mark I’ll re-evaluate. To help, I even bought a Body Fat Caliper Set off Amazon.

This all makes me very happy. For the past few months I had cut back on the long runs as I tried to untangle the mystery of weight loss while running. Now I feel closer to that goal… and closer to a daily six mile run.

So, while the statement is misleading, I can boast that I lost 15 pounds in one day—in the spirit of political gesturing. I can’t cut taxes but I can cut calories. Vote for me!

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Things are heating up in the Under Armor "You vs. The Year" challenge.
Things are heating up in the Under Armor “You vs. The Year” challenge.

By Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith is a third-generation Shimanchu-American and award-winning poet, author, and publisher with 20+ years of experience as a professional writer in nonfiction. Publisher of Space & Time magazine (est. 1966), producer of the Exercise Your Writes YouTube podcast, two-time Bram Stoker Awards® Winner, and HWA Mentor of the Year for 2020, find her at

2 thoughts on “15 pounds in one day?!?”
  1. Muscle mass is better than fat mass
    Muscle mass gets you there
    Fat mass sits you there
    In a chair somewhere
    Wondering why
    Everyone is passing me by
    Muscle mass
    Enhances your chances
    Of getting there
    Just remember
    A firm behind is
    Better than
    One that drags
    Leaving skid marks
    In the sand

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Bill,

      You always know how to bring on the smiles
      with your sweet candy words and poetical wiles
      and your charm that runs deeper than even the Nile’s
      timeless waters that churn with friendly crocodiles.


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