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Under $8: rosemary chicken and red beans and rice!

Under $8: rosemary chicken and red beans and rice!

The other day I went to lunch a a chain restaurant (I won’t name) that claims to be gourmet and upscale. I was extremely disappointed. I admit, I might be spoiled by Cafe Bienville but they deserve the spot as #1 on my favorite places to eat list, and here’s why…

Pictured is the sandwich combo I regularly get at Cafe Bienville for under $8: a sandwich stuffed with slow cooked, hand-pulled chicken cooked in Rosemary and dressed with rosemary infused oil, fresh sliced red onions, special house herb mayo, fresh field greens and ripe tomato on fresh baked bread. This comes with a cup of red beans and brown rice stuffed full of tender Andouille sausage and red beans cooked in a savory broth with a lively kick. All of this goodness comes, as I said, for under $8 and is made on premises.

Going back to the chain restaurant, not a local eatery and with no ties to the area I call home other than they want my money… I paid over $10 for their sandwich combo which consisted of a piece of deli turkey, a leaf of iceberg lettuce and a slice of pale tomato between two pieces of pink bread that was so sweet it may have been cake. The menu claimed it was a special tomato bread. This came with a salad of iceberg lettuce and what tasted like Thousand Island dressing. This was over $10, most of it I didn’t eat and all of it looked like something I could buy at Walmart’s deli. Culinary fail.

I’ve learned my lesson. I have decided to support my local economy, the one that supports me back, by eating and shopping locally as often as I can. I’m heading there right now for a Mother’s Day lunch.


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