Fitness Repentance

IMG_20160619_095910I’ve been eating sugar again and I’ve had plenty of reasons to justify it. That’s what I’ve been telling myself anyways.

First it was celebrating that I’d hit my weight goal, then it was the trip to Las Vegas… and Grayton Beach… and Chattanooga… and then all the open mics… celebrating life, ‘that time of the month,’ because I had a good day, because I had a bad day… in short, I’ve had a month and a half of skipping work outs and eating junk.

Now I find myself six pounds heavier and only running three miles a few times a week. I feel slower and my joints hurt. I’ve been having trouble sleeping again and as a result have been feeling tired and cranky. My energy has ebbed. It’s time to mend my errant ways.

It’s been hard to get off the sugar. I’ve finally had to admit I am addicted and letting myself have even a little sets me off on a binge. This last week I’ve been reducing the amount of sugar I eat until I finally went cold turkey yesterday.

To keep myself accountable, I’m going back to weekly check-ins. It helps me to stay on the right track when I know I have to report my results at the end of the week. I invite you to do the same thing in the comments – please tell me how you’ve been doing!

On a happy note, this past week I did finally get around to doing the video on how I lost 50 pounds before 50 in less than a year. More videos are in production right now to answer some of the questions I’ve been sent and pass on some of the things that have helped me. You can subscribe to my channel to get notified when those are ready.

So back to it and I’ll be back next Sunday to post how my week went.

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