Rocky Horror THIS Saturday!

13307327_1314188391944608_1803727750615033726_nHave you seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show on the big screen with audience participation and a shadow cast? There are a few tickets left to participate in the midnight screening at Club LA this Saturday. There WILL be dancing in the aisles!

Recently I was able to ask Nikki Hedrick from 850 Music and Entertainment a few questions about what we can expect from this screening (beyond Frank-N-Furter in larger-than-life-technicolor!).

Angela: When did you first experience Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Nikki: Somehow I recorded it onto a video tape from VH1 when I was about 14.  I loved it – even though I’m not sure how well I understood the subtext.  It propelled me to love it into my adult years attending screenings as often as possible with my mom who co-owns 850ME with me. I was so kind of small, and mousey – that these larger than live characters just pulled me in.  I watched the movie over and over until I knew every word by heart – and could even mimic a lot of it. There is something just fantastic about the world that the movie resides in.

Angela: How did the idea to have a local showing of the RHPS come about?

Nikki: It’s something that we are super happy to be a part of  – but it didn’t quite come about in a traditional way.  Club LA has been amazing to us, and it is an honor to be their house photographer.  I’ve been able to photograph and hang out with people I’ve idolized.   They just installed a giant theater-grade movie screen, projector, and the whole nine.

On a lot of weekend nights when they don’t have bands through, they will be showing movies, TV shows, or sporting events.  We started talking to them about the possibility of us as 850ME helping to produce events – we hope to do some indie movie premiers and a few other ideas up our sleeves.  But Rocky was always at the tip of our tongue. Club LA and its booking arm Rock Destin was able to secure the rights to show Rocky Horror and we jumped at being involved.

Angela: Please tell us about some of the things we can expect at this show.

Nikki: Hopefully a really good time.  We want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy themselves. A lot of times even Rocky can feel a little rigid because of venue limitations.  But here, we are clearer out a section of the floor so people can move around.  The sound in this space also beats any theater I’ve stepped into – hands down.  We also should have a light show going to give a lot of extra energy to it. We also have an onsite photo company setting up, so for anyone who wants a high quality snap to commemorate their costumes they can do so for $20 and walk away with a print. A few treats will be given out to the best dressed as things get rolling.  We want this to be a fun, interactive night.

Angela: What will be allowed and what will be off limits?

Nikki: We want to be respective to the space – the more respectful we are the more likely we can make this happen again.  But we are suggesting no water and no buttered toast – everything else is game.  We just ask that everyone be mindful of their surroundings and avoid the screen or the sound equipment.

Angela: Can you tell us a little about picking the shadow cast?

Nikki: Right now we don’t have a full cast.  We are focused on finding a wonderful Frank to really make the night special.  We have a couple that we are in talks with – including one that might actually sing some of the songs.  It just is a matter of working out the scheduling.  When we have someone officially locked in will will announce it on the 850ME facebook page. I hope that if we can gain some momentum a full shadow cast is possible for future shows.

Angela: Can we expect more RHPS events like this in the future?

Nikki: I hope so!  It all depends on how many people turn up.  The more people that come out to this first event, the better odds we have that it could happen again in the near future.

Angela: Can you give us all the important details in a nutshell?

Nikki: Rocky Horror Picture Show is at Midnight June 25th – doors open at 11:30 p.m.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at The venue is Club LA, in Destin.

Facebook event page:

Updates for the event will be on the 850ME facebook as well:

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