Video: How I lost the Weight

I’ve been promising a video for awhile on how I lost nearly 50 pounds in less than a year and it’s finally done :) I tried to answer every question and lay out every step I did without droning on too long. It’s a lot harder to talk to your phone as opposed to on your phone. How did I do?

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3 Responses to Video: How I lost the Weight

  1. Kitty W. says:

    Awesome video…. I just started 310 this week. I’m hoping it works for me. Like you, I started everything in the world. Question – What did you mix with your shake? Slim, Almond or soy milk or just water?

    • Good for you Kitty! It really works. Just stay off all the sugar and let me know how you’re doing. Here’s to being hot mamas late in the game ;p Usually I have almond milk with my shake, but watch the sugar content on that. When I was really trying to shed fast, just water. It did make me feel bloated for a few days while my body adjusted to the extra fiber but then I felt wonderful. I still have it for breakfast every morning but now as a smoothie usually.

  2. Pia says:

    Thank you for sharing your success in the most humble and helpful video. You look beautiful, healthy and happy and I am so happy for you. You have inspired me to stay off the sugar and do a better job at conscious living. Blessings!

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